My code's not working!


  1. Double check all your files are saved.
  2. Check each quote has a pair.
  3. Do all of your HTML tags have a closing tag?
  4. Ask a mentor for help!

Add Quirky Fact Section

The folks at Lighthouse Labs are known for being a pretty quirky bunch. In fact, you probably heard some of their quirky facts this morning. Let’s add a section to your profile page, so anyone who visits can find Larry’s (or yours).

Just like we did with the bio and skills sections, we’re going to add another <section> tag to our <main> tag. We’ll use an <h2> for the section title, and a paragraph for that quirky fact.

    <h2>Quirky Fact</h2>
    <p>And purr ducks canning owls at a squeal.</p>

Once you’ve added your own quirky fact, save profile.html, and refresh the page. You should see something like this:

add quirky fact