My code's not working!


  1. Double check all your files are saved.
  2. Check each quote has a pair.
  3. Do all of your HTML tags have a closing tag?
  4. Ask a mentor for help!

Quick Tour

Before we jump into writing some super awesome HTML & CSS. Let’s get familiar with our files and our text editor.

Take a look into the project folder in your starter kit. You should see an assets folder, profile.html and a styles.css. We’re going to spend most of our time writing in profile.html and styles.css.


This is where all of your HTML code will go. We’ve started you off with a few tags already. We’ve started with an <html> tag. This <html> tag will wrap around ALL of our HTML code.

Inside we’ve added <head> and <body> tags.

The <head> tag is where we include all of the information our browser needs to render our page properly. (Most of the content in this tag won’t be seen by the user). You can see we’ve included a <link> tag to add some base styles to your page.

The last tag in the <head> of our HTML page is the <title>. The content of this tag is what will appear in the browser tab. Feel free to change this to whatever you want.

Next we’ve added our <body> tag. This body tag is going to wrap around almost ALL of the HTML we’re going to write today. Anything written between the opening <body> tag and the closing tag will be visible to the user.


Next we have our css file. This is where you will be writing all of the CSS for your amazing profile page.