My code's not working!


  1. Double check all your files are saved.
  2. Check each quote has a pair.
  3. Do all of your HTML tags have a closing tag?
  4. Ask a mentor for help!


In this section, we will help you publish your landing page to the web so that you can share it with other people on the internet. You will create a free account with an online service called Forge and then use it to upload your files.

If you do not want to upload your website yet or at all, you can skip this section entirely.

Sign up

Please visit to signup for a free account. Click on the green Sign up for Free button.

When it logs you in, click on the green Create Site button:

Step 1

On the next page, it will look like this:

Step 2

Rename your profile.html to index.html. You will then want to make a Zip file with all of your work from today. Get a mentor to help you if you are not comfortable doing it yourself. Most operating systems allow you to right-click on a folder and either Send to compressed file(Windows) or Compress(Mac).

Drag and drop the zip file you have created onto the Forge website.

Forge does the rest for you! You will soon see a preview of your content. To load your site in all of its glory, click on the link in the upper left of the window. It should look something like this:

Step 3

You can make all the changes you want in Atom, and when you are ready to push those changes up to your site, just make a new zip file and drag it onto the Forge window. Forge will update your site immediately.

Once you’re happy with your page, go share it with the world (or just your friends)!