My code's not working!


  1. Double check all your files are saved.
  2. Check each quote has a pair.
  3. Do all of your HTML tags have a closing tag?
  4. Ask a mentor for help!

Add Hover States

So your site looks AMAZING, but you want to make it just that much better. Adding hover states is really fun, and adds some interaction to your page.

Let’s write some code so when someone hovers over one of the links in the sidebar, it changes colour.

Open up styles.css and add:

  aside ul li a:hover {
    color: #82bef5;

Save styles.css and refresh your page. Now, try hovering over the links in your sidebar!

Again, don’t be afraid to customize this hover state. Try changing the color of the font, or the background. Change the font-size or make the font italic. See what you can come up with!

Up next, see if you can change the color of Larry’s (or your) name when you hover over it.